The Wickslo Company (Wickslo) is an entertainment startup focused on creating new stories and experiences to be enjoyed across the world and beyond.

Our Goals

As we build Wickslo, we have several core goals that we are looking forward to implementing. 

  1. Fair Trade Certified – We would like to ensure that all the people who make our products, tools, and services, are treated fairly, wherever they are! Our desire is to use only fair trade organizations to create our products. 
  2. Helping Better the World – Wickslo pledges to give at least 10% of our profits back to organizations around the world that are helping to make our world better.
  3. Fair Pay – Another advantageous goal of ours is to have fair pay for all our crew members. This means that we want to keep our pay scale reasonable, so much so, that we’re going to say that our Highest-lowest pay ratio will be capped at 100:1, with the highest-median pay ratio capped at 50:1. We understand this may mean higher costs for our payroll, but we’d rather give it to our hardworking crewmembers instead of just Officers.
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