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TriviQuestâ„¢ App and Board Game in Development
The TriviQuest team is working hard on developing an app and board game for trivia fanatics. The App will feature a variety of different game modes once it is live, including a version for the board game. The TriviQuest board…
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Luxibay Launches Web Services
Luxibay has recently launched its newest website and will start offering services to small businesses, non-profits, individuals, and churches to develop and maintain websites as needed. These services will range from complete or partial website design, site upkeep and maintenance,…
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The mission of The Wickslo Company is to create unique stories and universes that provide exciting and insightful entertainment alongside hope into the world in which we live.
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The Wickslo Company is the parent to a variety of brands and services that help shape our company and our future.
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There are a lot of business and investment opportunities available at The Wickslo Company. If you are interested in learning more about investing or licensing, we look forward to hearing from you.
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